Participation in WBDM's collective events

On this website, you will find the program of our international promotional events.

  • A collective presence abroad: exhibitions, showrooms & joint stands at international shows,
  • Invitation of foreign decision makers (design companies, fashion journalists),
  • As from 2017, the new WBDM FASHION PROGRAMME that supports the development of fashion brands by giving each year 2 grants and advice sessions.

For each event, a candidate process is launched and a panel makes the selection (either the show's organizers, or a selection committee in Belgium).

WBDM then organizes the event with the designers from Wallonia and Brussels that have been selected: prior training (focusing on communication skills), preparation of communication media, press contacts, transport of the show pieces to the foreign venue, etc.).

To receive invitations and participate in the candidate process for our promotional events, please send your details to

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