Contract guide for designers

A guide for a balanced partnership between the designer and the enterprise.

Mrs. Dominique Kaesmacher, Kirkpatrick Juridic Director and Intellectual Property Consultant, edited this document for WBDM with the aim to set up a balanced partnership between the Wallon or Brussels designer and the enterprise.

A Balanced Partnership

The contract guide is meant to deal with several different conditions. However, due to the huge range of partnership possibilities, the guide includes optional clauses and options that require further elaboration depending on the required situation. (Some partnerships are more in need of adding specific points to the contract itself.)

This document represents a starting point for your work. We highly recommend you ask them for professional advice covering the intellectual property in order to adapt this contract with the specific collaboration you are starting with. It could also be useful to recieve support from a legal consultant when dealing with negotiations between the two parts.

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