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Alain Gilles Furniture design - Product design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Alain Gilles generally adopts a graphic and architectural approach, playing with open or closed spaces. Many of his most sophisticated creations have been designed to be used as a combination of modules. Through a play of juxtapositions, each user can transform a « standard » unit into a unique combination whose design is in constant evolution. The tensions and the transitions are also very present in his work. Whether they are implicit or factual, they highlight and reveal the originality of the piece. His design is however simple and takes into account the environmental constraints.

Interview:Alain Gilles: "If you want a direct answer, you have to ask direct questions"

Alain Gilles for Green Mood

Alain Gilles, for Evolution

Alain Gilles, Big Table for Bonaldo

Alain Gilles for Buzzi Space

Alain Gilles for Qui est Paul?

Alain Gilles, O' Sun, solar panel lamp