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Alok Nandi Food design - Social design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

In parallel to strategic design, Alok b. Nandi is active in media art and design, with a focus on and mise-en-scene and narrative architecture. Born in Congo. Raised in Zaïre. Based in Brussels. From web development scene (Cités Obscures, Tardi, Moebius, Corto Maltese,...) to interactive installations, from low-tech (PechaKucha) to high-tech, Alok Nandi explores different ways of narration that combine technologies, spaces and tempo.

PechaKucha WBDM (c) Gaetan Chekaiban

Alok Nandi - PechaKucha (c) Gaetan Chekaiban

Exhibition Multiple Plan

Alok Nandi

Alok Nandi