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ars fabricandi Product design - Furniture design - Environmental design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Launched in 2017, ars fabricandi is a furniture and interior design studio where creativity, design thinking and craftsmanship meet. ars fabricandi creates a new cosmopolitan design language, linking innovation to craftsmanship and tradition, exploring different design solutions, prototyping and testing new products with a hands-on approach. By collaborating with international designers, experiences are shared beyond borders and create connections in the designs with each product telling a life story. The products translate a real curiosity for materials by crafting and mixing noble and everyday materials. Enthusiasm and commitment drive ars fabricandi as well as a passion for artisans and makers, craftsmen are an integral part of the philosophy of the brand.

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Arima

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Arena

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Molecula

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Hai

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Miscle

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Calesco

Ars Fabricandi - coll.Albero