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Aurore Caberghs Communication design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Aurore Caberghs is a graphic design studio specialized in creating visual identities through art direction, illustration, photography and webdesign, based in Brussels. She graduated from la cambre in 2005, with a degree in graphic design and illustration. She has worked closely with many agencies in Brussels among which codefrisko, cream design, 2210 and Donuts, before founding her own studio in 2012.
You can spot her work in various Brussels institutions such as an Art History and Archeology school, an art gallery, some architecture studios, many restaurants and nice boutiques.


Invitation Lea Peckre (c) Aurore Caberghs

Carte Promo Letiuz Salad Bar (c) Aurore Caberghs

Mr Leight (c) Aurore Caberghs

Thelma (c) Aurore Caberghs

Thelma (c) Aurore Caberghs