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Aurore Havenne Jewelry

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Inspired by the city, its volumes, its energy, the Belgian designer Aurore Havenne creates jewels with pure and minimalistic lines. 
Away from the never-ending rush of fashion, this craft fills her need of imagining long-lasting pieces, of creating special objects for whose wearing them, of adornment each one can give a special meaning to. 
Her collections are made of 18 carat gold, gold-plated silver, sterling silver and precious stones.

Collection Caliadne (c) Aurore Havenne

Collection Ephyra (c) Aurore Havenne

Collection Raindrops (c) Aurore Havenne

Collection Raindrops (c) Aurore Havenne

Unity Collection (c) Aurore Havenne

Trinity Collection (c) Aurore Havenne