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Bi-N-ôme Furniture design

The brand Bi-N-ôme creates, develops and manufactures furniture from quality materials charged with emotions and history. A simple and refined design supported by materials such as solid oak, Belgian bluestone, bronze and iron. Their motto is ''Back to fundamentals'': attentive to their everyday environment, the idea is to use particularities, unusual elements for the industry, as an eyecatcher in each of their limited edition creations.

Bi-N-ôme - AT’LAS

Bi-N-ôme - BO’LEAN

Bi-N-ôme - CR’OSS detail

Bi-N-ôme - CR’OSS

Bi-N-ôme - DY’ADE

Bi-N-ôme - IM’PACT

Bi-N-ôme - IM’PACT detail