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Coralie Miessen Textile design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

As a textile designer, research and development are at the core of her approach. She is interested in ‘elementary’ surfaces which she consider as nomadic and multi-purpose elements. Limits between a piece of textile, a carpet or a blanket are sometimes blurry and that’s exactly what interests her when using materials and objects in interiors. Her work is about a minimum but sophisticated comfort.


The projects ‘Smock’ and ‘Tiles’ come from a first collection called ‘Moving Matters’. ‘Smock’ uses traditional smock techniques and adapt them to knit to bring elasticity and volume to textile ma­terials. The same knit principle is declin­ed, playing with different level of stretch and different constructions. It results in double sided blankets and covering. ‘Tiles’ is a modular floor and wall covering using felt wastes from industrial production. This covering is a warm alternative to tiling and offers different advantages: light product with insulation properties, articulated surface, easy to cut material. The tiles can also be used as a noticeboard.

Smock Collection (c) Héloïse Rouard

Smock Collection (c) Héloïse Rouard

Tiles Collection (c) Olivier Andre