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Hugo Meert Product design

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Research into function, beauty and design led ceramicist Hugo Meert to create an entirely personal sphere of operation which oscillates between art and design, craft and industry. His passion for working with clay and porcelain pertains to continuous experimentation with ceramics. From a formal point of view, he walks the tightrope between sense and non-sense. While perpetuating ancestral technique and know-how, of which his mastery is remarkable, he never limits himself to technical virtuosity.

Throwing Sculptures before, 2010 ©Hugo Meert

Throwing Sculptures after, 2010 ©Hugo Meert

Afrikashox, 2004 ©Hugo Meert

Ceramique pour l’estomac, 2006 ©Hugo Meert

B.C. Hammer, 2011 ©Hugo Meert