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Isabelle Azaïs Accessories - Jewelry

Selected by WBDM for its international events

Isabelle Azais studied visual Arts at Fine Arts in France, but it's with the creation of couture and contemporary jewelry that she made herself known. For ten years leather jewelry was her first specialty. Her workshop showroom is accessible to public, in the heart of Brussels. 

Since 2013 she focuses on working with recycled plastic.

With packing straps she creates graphic jewelry that draw urban environments on the body, like fro example with the 'PUBLIC BENCH' brooch. The jewelry is particularly light, often coming from working sites and building material packings.

The latest collection of big brooches is called 'Seventh continent'. The jewelry is totally and only made with plastic bags collected in streets. Working on them with heat, she obtains translucid surfaces and floating volumes that recall the world of seabed and corals. This jewelry is to make people aware of urban and marine pollution through a delicate recycling work of valuing waste."

© Isabelle Azaïs

Banc Public © Isabelle Azaïs

Bague sculpture © Isabelle Azais

Grande broche Corail blanc © Isabelle Azais

Broche Upcycling © Isabelle Azais

Bague Sculpture Parapluie jaune © Isabelle Azais

© Isabelle Azaïs

"Trois bulle sur nid", corail blanc. Bague © Isabelle Azais

"Sachet Lotus", bague © Isabelle Azais

Sachet Lotus, Bague © Isabelle Azais