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Nox Design Furniture design

Nicolas Galand studied at the St-Luc Architecture School in Brussels, he opted for the Design section.
Fascinated by various crafts he learned plumbing, skills to be a carpenter and a craftsman in wrought ironwork. He produces all furniture in his workshop. He creates them with his own hands, from the sketch to the final object.
Fascinated by shapes and materials, self-taught and real jack-off-all-trades, he got underway working alternately as welder, a joiner, an architect, … He gained a solid experience by working with enthusiast craftsmen. He developed his own specific techniques to reach the desired result. He works various species of wood as well as metal under all its forms. He is always on the lookout for more techniques, more trade secrets.

Name It ©Nox Design by Nicolas Galand

Buffalo's table ©Nox Design by Nicolas Galand

Fluidity table ©Nox Design by Nicolas Galand

Wenge bench ©Nox Design by Nicolas Galand