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Windy Hill Textile design

Windy Hill takes inspiration from all the good times spent around the dining table with the family. Their table linen collections reflect this convivial and colourful ambiance, giving a more outstanding allure than traditional dining set ups.
The name Windy Hill comes from the name of founders' family vacation home on the Belgian coast which keeps the memory of warm and inviting holidays.
The goal of the brand is to create original and unique pieces while ensuring the ethical and ecological aspect. Their tablecloths fit into two categories: the first is a tiny more traditional, inspired by the romance of country houses; the latter is more geometric. All the tablecloths are hand-made and this aspect makes them special. In addiction Windy Hill has launched a "paper" range which consists in napkins and place-mats made in Europe and 100% recycled.

Coll. Ghibli - Windy Hill

Coll. Galica - Windy Hill

Coll. Kirsten - Windy Hill

Coll. Mc Fly - Windy Hill

Coll. Zephyr - Windy Hill

Coll. Nazca - Windy Hill