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17/01/2019 Design

14/12/2018 Design

EU funded business mission to Korea

Eu Gateway | Business Avenues is launching an EU funded business mission to Korea

12/12/2018 Fashion

Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge Brand Manual

"Ik Koop Belgisch / J'achète Belge" logo now available for use in your own brand campaign!

10/12/2018 Design

Hovertone, thrill-makers

Interview of Nicolas d’Alessandro, co-founder of Hovertone.

06/12/2018 Fashion, Design

06/12/2018 Fashion, Design

The Green Product Award

Deadline: Jan. 18th 2019

04/12/2018 Fashion

David Carette, artistic audacity

Interview of David Carette, a multi-facetted creative professional.

20/11/2018 Design

12/11/2018 Fashion

Belgian Fashion Awards. 10 points for Belgium!

Interview of Rafael Jimenez, member of the international jury of the Belgian Fashion Awards 2018

14/09/2018 Design

20/06/2018 Fashion, Design

15/06/2018 Design

09/03/2018 Design

Brussels Design Market - Back to the Eighties

Interview of Thierry Belenger, co-founder of the event.

06/03/2018 Design

Collectible Fair Brussels - 21st Century Collectable Design under the spotlight

Interview of Clélie Debelhaut, co-founder of this event.

01/02/2018 Fashion, Design

25/06/2015 Fashion

Relive the belgian fashion shows

Discover all the pictures from the fashion shows of the greatest fashion schools in Belgium: La...

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